Saturday, December 15, 2012

Welcome to The Postcard Project

I have been all about postcards in 2012, but I got to thinking that I receive them and then put them in storage boxes. It is kind of a waste... I want to share them with people! I wasn't sure what to do, though. I started a couple boards on Pinterest to showcase the ones I have sent and received from; but I have been collecting postcards for years. I decided it would be fun to showcase some of my favourites, recent arrivals, historical ones, etc. I even hooked my scanner up so I don't have to take bad photographs anymore.

I thought I would start this post off with some of the Beatrix Potter ones my mother found for me. There are 110, but the ones I chose for today are just the ones that are covers of her famous books.

Aren't they great? I loved these books as a child and look forward to getting a second set to send to friends. I am sure I will share more at a later date.


  1. I LOVE these! It's probably too late to put them on my Christmas wish list, but I'm going to treat myself to them in the new year.